Ultimate Battle Pack Cobra Commander and Trubble Bubble

By KansasBrawler Hasbro made some pretty great exclusives during the 25th Anniversary line. While I thought it was a bit overpriced considering how much of it was stuff I already had, the Ultimate Battle Pack from Target was pretty impressive. You got six figures, two large vehicles, one small vehicle and a JUMP pack. I couldn’t afford it at its

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Munitia (2009)

By Past Nastification Munita was a delayed figure that ended up being released as a Direct to Consumer figure through the GI Joe Collectors’ Club. Maybe because of the delay, or maybe because Hasbro had moved on to the 25th Anniversary style figures at retail, Munitia just didn’t catch on. The character was intended to be a ruthless bounty hunter,

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Sgt. Hacker (2003)

By Past Nastification Computer nerds. Gotta have ‘em. Sgt. Hacker is a figure that was well done for the time, but isn’t memorable. The shortened chest/back is the only poorly proportioned area, and it’s not horrible. The figure is much better than many of the other figures from the New Sculpt era. The uniform is a light grey jumpsuit with

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