Hot Toys Retaliation Snake Eyes


se3As I stated in my Hot Toys Storm Shadow review, when Hot Toys announced their Retaliation figure line, I was thrilled. For those who may not know, Hot Toys is an Asian company that is known for their outstanding 12″ figures based on pop culture and movie proprieties. Their realistic sculpt, cut & sew and paint apps are second to none but come at a premium price as well.

Snake Eyes was the initial figure in their Retaliation line and he certainly kicked it off in style. The figure literally looks like a man in a suit. The proportions and underlying body are extremely realistic. Although I am not a huge fan of the live action Snake Eyes costume, at least they ditched the creepy lips for Retaliation. Hot Toys cranks out a faithful interpretation with this figure.

Did I mention he has real metal swords? The only complaint I have is the wrist pegs do not fit snugly and fall out easily. A quick wrap of plumber’s tape will fix that though.




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