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Retaliation Joe Colton

by KansasBrawler Yipee-kai-yay, Mr. Falcon! Sometimes, a toy run surprises you. I called an audible on a trip where I was actually flying solo for a change and swung in to Toys ‘R’ Us even though I wasn’t really looking for anything. Imagine my surprise when, after all their post-Christmas reorganization, there was a fresh display of Joe figures—something I

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Retaliation Ultimate Flint

Ultimate Flint

by KansasBrawler Ultimate Flint is definitely a bit of a tough nut to crack. While I was okay with Roadblock’s ultimate incarnation being a Retaliation figure, I’m still not sure what I think about Ultimate Flint being based on the movie just because his portrayal wasn’t that great. There were definitely Flint-y moments of cockiness and brashness, but at the

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