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Retaliation Joe Colton

by KansasBrawler Yipee-kai-yay, Mr. Falcon! Sometimes, a toy run surprises you. I called an audible on a trip where I was actually flying solo for a change and swung in to Toys ‘R’ Us even though I wasn’t really looking for anything. Imagine my surprise when, after all their post-Christmas reorganization, there was a fresh display of Joe figures—something I

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Retaliation Ultimate Flint

Ultimate Flint

by KansasBrawler Ultimate Flint is definitely a bit of a tough nut to crack. While I was okay with Roadblock’s ultimate incarnation being a Retaliation figure, I’m still not sure what I think about Ultimate Flint being based on the movie just because his portrayal wasn’t that great. There were definitely Flint-y moments of cockiness and brashness, but at the

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Ninja Showdown Storm Shadow

by KansasBrawler The Ninja Showdown set really typified the way figures are offered in three-packs. None of them required extensive new tooling…in fact, all three figures were just carded figures offered with different (and possibly better) accessories and in different (and definitely better) paint jobs. While none of the three figures in their carded versions appealed to me, the Snake Eyes and Red Ninja

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