Storm Shadow (2004)


Action features are a sticky wicket. While kids love ’em (and they do, believe me) collectors tend to loathe them. I’m okay with action features when they’re integrated well with the figures. Weirdly scaled limbs, giant buttons or fall-apart bits tend to turn me off. However, when the feature is themed with the character and still allows for playability beyond

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Recondo (2004)


The saga of the interchangeable Recondo and Clutch (or Double Clutch, as he was known for a while) in the early 2000s can be a confusing thing. In 2003, the same mold represented these two very different characters. Not an odd thing in the GI Joe world, considering that mold re-use has been pretty common since the days of the

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Cobra Commander (2004)


We action figure geeks can be a cowardly, superstitious lot. We’re sometimes afraid of changes to the beloved properties of our youth. Clinging to established visions of characters only as we have known them, we often cheat ourselves of enjoying new interpretations of our time-tested favorites. Maybe we hold some sort of irrational fear that the changing of our childhood

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Alpine (2004)

Alpine is one of those characters that fans always seem to want to see when new iterations of the Real American Hero figures are produced. The 25th Anniversary version is a prime example, as fans clamor for the toy. That may be have been due in part to his elusiveness at retail, but nostalgic memories of the 1985 version surely

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Red Ninja Viper (2004)

Is there a more iconic GI Joe ninja figure than the original 1984 Storm Shadow? For me, the first one remains the favorite, for nostalgic reasons, as well as the perfect simplicity of the mold. The Red Ninja Viper, part of the Ninja Cobra Strike Team (that’s not a typo, by the way) was released during the Valor vs. Venom

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