Tunnel Rat (2004 Valor vs Venom)

Tunnel Rat is a character who benefits from the odd proportions of the new sculpt years. Portrayed as a shorter fellow, his figure is appropriately sized, at least in terms of height. Such things weren’t possible in the 80s-90s, with its more standard and consistent builds, Sgt. Slaughter and Big Boa notwithstanding.

T-Rat seems even more suited to his MOS this time out, with his unique lighted backpack. I find this piece of his equipment the most interesting, as it’s different from the original figure. He’s definitely a more comic book/sci-fi take on the team’s premiere EOD specialist. I wonder if his backpack was designed with another piece that was ultimately left out, as there’s an odd space between the light bars, and what looks like a connection bar along the bottom.

Color-wise, the the green and yellow could easily place Tunnel Rat into the Eco Warriors. In fact, combined with his new gear and body armor, I think I like the idea of him hanging with the likes of Ozone and Clean Sweep. Hey, wait a minute–the 2005 version of the figure came equipped with a water-squirting weapon. Oh man–I can’t believe I missed the distant homage all this time.

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