S.E.AL. (Code Name: Torpedo)

The first and my favorite of all the Joe team’s combat divers, Torpedo brings forth all sorts of great childhood memories. First and foremost, a kid just couldn’t help but get this figure into the water, whether sink, tub, or pool. Unfortunately the aquatic adventures eventually wreaked havoc on the toy, as screws ultimately rusted, and in the case of

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Lt. Torpedo (2008)

By the time the 2008 assortments of the 25th anniversary series had been announced, I already had a list of must-have figures in my head. Among them was Torpedo, one of my favorite 1980s Joes, and also one of the earliest figures I recall seeing on the pegs in my local Montgomery Ward. Unfortunately the new figure was incredibly difficult

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Tiger Claw (2005)

By Past Nastification There are figures that I like which defy my own guidelines. For example, I largely dislike ninja figures, but yet I find the Shadow Ninja figures fun. I don’t even like the original versions of those figures. But cloudy plastic holds an inexplicable appeal. So, we know I’m not a big ninja fan. What about Head-to-Toe repaints?

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