Roadblock (2004)

Can you remember a time when we didn’t know beforehand about every single product that was scheduled to hit shelves? It seems odd to say that in 2004 an internet connected toy collector Joe wasn’t aware of an exclusive set of figures to be released at a major retailer, but that’s what happened to me. Maybe I missed the write-up on at the time, but I was surprised to walk into Walmart on a whim and find three sets of unique Valor vs. Venom repainted.

For lack of an actual name, Desert Joe/Urban Cobra sets were interesting thematic variants that struck out from the main line in their paint decos. Roadblock, Duke and Gung Ho featured a sand color scheme, with slightly less contrasting geometric camo. I’m reminded of the same sort of weird futuristic patterning on the 12 inch Adventures of GI Joe sets from around the same time.

I think Roadblock looks great in this single color uniform, and the details of his gear, especially the rear torso, really stand out. The mold is one of my favorites of the new sculpt era, and having it in a new color scheme was a real bonus. If one character could benefit from the sometimes weird proportions of the time, it’s Roadblock. He just looks massive wielding this minigun.


  • He’s decent except for the bicep bands, part the era’s strange attempts to hide the swivel joint…I guess.

    Actually looks like he has the ammo wedged under his flesh…kinda disturbing.

  • I remember finding these, too. Joes sold so well at the end of 2003 that Hasbro didn’t make enough to fill all orders and online dealers had their stock taken by the big box stores who would sell out of waves in days. It was a very different time. But, it also pretty much ended in 2003 and Valor Vs. Venom stagnated pretty quickly at retail.

    The Joes in these sets weren’t great. Roadblock was the highlight. I loved the Cobras, though. This was the set that replaced the planned Wal Mart “Sky Patrol” that would have been ARAH style figures. But, the chutes didn’t pass safety tests or something and these sets showed up instead.

  • This may be the first time I’ve seen this figure, and I like it. Kinda plain, but it works.

  • What Snake Eyes Said (...)

    It’s official:

    Though a creditor might by 400 stores at least.

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