Cobra Viper (2004)

It’s always hard to narrow down a choice when one talks about a favorite figure in a series. Most of the brand’s history is filled with multiple figures that I’m really fond of. The new sculpt era of the 2000s isn’t on most fans’ list of great moments in GI Joe history. I take a different view of the time. Having been an adult collector for the entire period, and focusing on completing the line as it was released, I have fond memories of the experience beyond the toys. The 2000s series alone sparked an army building interest in me. The 2004 Viper has become my favorite figure of the era. I guess that wasn’t a hard choice after all. As a result, I have a metric ton of the guys. I really really like them. I know, it’s weird.

Design, colors and weapon combine in a way that looks cool to me. Doesn’t make sense, but true love often doesn’t. Speaking of love, I’d love to see this figure redone in the modern style.


  • The colors on this Viper are great. The helmet is awesome. Though I wish it was larger so it looked like there might actually be a human head in there, but that’s a common comment with the NS era. I’ve done a few customs using this head on the modern body type and while it’s not a deal breaker, it looks a bit small. I agree, there’s a lot of great design and color ideas here that I would love to see done in the modern style.

  • Has some the era’s design cliches, the ribbed padding, forearm guards (though that calls back to the original viper), knee pads (again, like original viper) chunky belt, but it oddly moves what would be swivel joint hiding bicep bands further up the arm.

    I army built them a bit back then. They were okay (better than their pack-mate) Needed a bigger head and also swivel wrists, as his aiming is limited to waist level.

    Strangely they never single carded the new sculpt era viper.

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