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GI Joe 2015 Product Reveals


Hasbro attended the GI Joe Collectors Club Convention this year, and today revealed product to be released later in 2015. It looks to be a thematic continuation of what began last year with the 50th Anniversary. Items will be available via Toys R Us, with exclusives at San Deigo Comicon as they were last year. It’s good to see some

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Cesspool (1991)


In the early 90s, I was back into GI Joe, scouring stores for the latest releases and trying to pick up any older figures that had been languishing on shelves. I initially skipped some of the Eco Warriors, but returned to pick many of them up when they hit the clearance aisle and closeout stores the next year. Remember when

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GI Joe Jelly Beans and Tin


What did the Easter Bunny bring you this year? A sealed case of 1984 carded figures? A sealed contents USS Flagg? Perhaps some rare pre-production art? No? Me neither. Maybe you ended up like me, with a house full of hyped-up kids on a sugar rush after a day of downing handfuls of chocolate and jelly beans. Oh yeah, and

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Cobra Commander (2004)


We action figure geeks can be a cowardly, superstitious lot. We’re sometimes afraid of changes to the beloved properties of our youth. Clinging to established visions of characters only as we have known them, we often cheat ourselves of enjoying new interpretations of our time-tested favorites. Maybe we hold some sort of irrational fear that the changing of our childhood

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Destro (2008)


The Iron Grenadiers version of the Enemy Weapons Supplier must have been quite popular in the Hasbro ranks during the first few years of the modern GI Joe era. This Destro mold was released five times in 2008. Those sort of numbers remind me what an amazing time collectors had during those reinvigorated Real American Hero homage years of 2007

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