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Oct 29

Return of the Monstro-Vipers!

What better monster to cover on Halloweek than…a mega monster? And a Pay-Doh flinging one at that? It’s the Monstro-Viper!

Oct 28

Crystal Ball’s Revenge!

Crystal Ball (1987)

Some toys are I think unfairly ridiculed. I’ve always been a fan of the underdog and the misfit, and GI Joe has had its share of goofballs and weirdos. I dig them all. I really dig Crystal Ball. As a horror fan, how could I not? He looks straight out of Hollywood’s version of Transylvania. …

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Oct 27

Toxo-Zombie Returns!


For me, zombies just don’t hold the same sway that the classic monsters command. Guys like Dracula, the Frankenstein Monster, the Mummy, and Creature from the Black Lagoon are true personalities. Each has either a compelling backstory, or a driving purpose to them. Zombies work well as nameless horde type of threat, but there’s only …

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Oct 25

Tele-Viper (2014 Kre-O)

Tele-Viper (2014)

As the GI Joe Kre-O series goes on, it seems that more and more of the blind bag figures get really interesting multi-part builds as an element of their accessory complement. The Tele-Viper’s backpack and scanner make good use of some small parts to suggest the original equipment fairly well. That’s some of the beauty …

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Oct 24

Kre-O Serpent Armor and RAM

Serpent Armor and RAM

by KansasBrawler From the original SNAKE to the Joe Armor-Bot to the Deviant and Steel Marauader, battle mechs have always shown up in the Joe line, and I’m absolutely fine with that. I’ve always thought that they were a cool concept and it fit well with the Joe line’s slightly futuristic military vibe. Considering how …

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Oct 22

Zartan (2003 Collectors’ Club)

Zartan (2003)

I love clear plastic toys. I can’t really explain it, other than to say there’s some intrinsic coolness to the look. Along with chromed parts or a light-up feature, if I see a toy made of the wondrous material, I’ll probably buy it. My fascination with the stuff probably stems from a purchase of Remco’s …

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Oct 21

Cobra Shock Trooper (2011)

Cobra Shock Trooper (2011)

Accessories were absolutely insane during the Pursuit of Cobra line. I can’t recall getting as many interesting pieces of kit per figure since the multi-part figures of 1990. The Shock Trooper is all about options. There are different ways to display him in terms of both his defensive and offensive accoutrements. There’s a three part …

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Oct 20

City Strike Firefly

Firefly (City Strike)

by KansasBrawler When the Pursuit of Cobra line was first revealed at Joe Con in 2009, I was stoked. First of all, I was getting the information first-hand at the panels. Usually I just had to read the after action reports from the various Joe sites out there. Secondly, what they were doing was a …

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Oct 17

Cobra Commander (2011)

Cobra Commander (2011)

Throughout his history, Cobra Commander has been a man unafraid to bring a little style into the world conquering game. From his debut in 1982, he was outfitted in a nicely tailored uniform, complete with a snappy, single-breasted waistcoat, cleanly lined epaulets, matching lapel and belt insignia, and spats (yes, spats!) Oh yeah, and if …

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Oct 07

Serpentor (2008)

Serpentor (2008)

Included in the same DVD Battle Pack that also contained the oft-requested Sunbow version of Motezuma’s Skeleton, Serpentor is at least interesting. The third modern construction style version of Cobra’s Emperor, he bears somewhat more of a resemblance to his old self than the previous two versions. The result is a bit of recombinant plastic …

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