Eels Redux

Things are a mite busy here at the JAD HQ (hence the missed post yesterday). Nothing super heavy is going on, just everyday life being what it is. Tonight we’ll have a rerun, inspired by the fact that Shark Week is upon us again. Take a trip back to 1992 and enjoy the Eels and his robotic partner.

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A.V.A.C. (2008)


I always wondered just what the acronym AVAC stood for. I didn’t notice anything referring to its meaning until the release of this figure in the first lineup of 25th anniversary vehicles. Air Viper, Advanced Class is referenced on the newer file card, and that makes perfect sense in light of the original figure’s file card. It referred to the

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Baroness (2004)


During the new sculpt and 25th anniversary eras of GI Joe, it took Hasbro two tries to get a nice Baroness on the pegs. The 2002 relaunch version netted us this weird robotic looking version of Cobra’s leading lady. There was much weeping and gnashing of teeth until she surfaced again in the Valor vs. Venom series. By that time,

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Cobra CLAWS Commander (2003)


When I started this blog nearly five years ago, much of the motivation for doing it centered on reconnecting with my collection. As I dove into the myriad figures I had available in my collection, I began to find a quickly rekindled interest in the toys from the years dubbed “new sculpt” by collectors. Produced with the same o-ring construction

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Pit Viper (2003)


If you were collecting the relaunched Joe line in its second year and were bummed about the initial figures’ proportions, you may have been impressed with the Pit Viper. The figure isn’t too bad in terms of the length of its arms and legs, although it still seems short in the torso. His pack was also impressive to me thanks

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Jungle Viper (2005)


The Jungle Viper from 2005 was released as part of the– “Hey Rob, you already covered a Jungle Viper a couple weeks ago.” Yes, I did. “So you’re running out of ideas for subjects, huh? Took you almost five years, but you’re finally out of gas and forgetting what you’ve already posted.” Easy there, Chester. I haven’t quite run out

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Nemesis Enforcer (2014 Kre-O)


Nemesis Enforcer is a character whose figures haven’t seemed to quite capture the menace conveyed in his appearance in the animated GI Joe movie. The character was a hulking brute, possessed of incredible strength, and his look was one of the coolest of Cobra-La’s weird denizens. The original action figure was detailed, and included the unique wing and tentacle accessories

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Cobra Paratrooper (2008)


The DVD battle packs gave us some very popular characters that didn’t make the single-carded releases. Guys like Dusty and Alpine were welcome additions to the modern line, and their nostalgia factor was quite high with me, thanks to their original figures and memorable Sunbow appearances. The sets also produced more interesting accessories based on the cartoon series. In the

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Jet Pack Trooper (2013 Kre-O)


The Jet Pack Trooper was one of my favorite new Cobra troop types introduced in the 25th Anniversary line. This Kre-O version, introduced in the third wave of blind bag figures, exploits one of the strengths of the block format: buildable accessories. A jetpack may not seem like an exciting feature to add to a figure, especially since they’ve been

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