Elite Horseman and Basilisk


By KansasBrawler Sometimes the Joe line surprises you. I’m honestly a bit tired of seeing repainted Snow Cats. I’ve never really liked that vehicle, yet I have three of them now. The Wolfhound was a clearance impulse buy (seriously, I think I got it for five bucks somewhere during a post-Christmas inventory sell down), the HAVOC was a brilliant cross-sell

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Cobra Commander (2006 Sigma 6)


I must confess that as a thirty-something grown-ass man, I woke up early one Saturday morning in 2006 to catch the premiere of the Sigma 6 cartoon on 4KidsTV. To say that it wasn’t aimed at me is a vast understatement. Heck, I felt out of place just turning the channel to 4Kids. At the time, I felt I could

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Night Raven Art


The Night Raven was such an impressive toy, it really didn’t need an amazing piece of box art to help sell it. The clean painting is even more striking. Here’s hoping Hasbro sees fit to supporting the release of great toy art like this. It’s fantastic to see the fans take the initiative when it comes to this sort of

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