Destro (1993 Hall of Fame)


Who would have guessed that Destro would finally be unmasked as an action figure in the twelve inch format? I was all-in for the Hall of Fame series at its time of release. One the small-scale Joes left retail, I continued to collect older twelve inch Joes as well as the new Classic Collection (with much improved articulation, by the

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The Power of Packaging: Action Force Cobra Commander


Palitoy’s Action Force packaging is interesting in its straightforward design. There’s no explosion, character art or extraneous copy, just bold color and text. It’s basic and effective. When the line began to incorporate the US Joe concepts like Cobra and o-ring figure designs, small additions were made to the cards. The Commander’s card features a unique Cobra logo design, as

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13 Days of Halloween: Serpentor (1986)


Serpentor is one of the few GI Joe characters whose origin to me recalls horror elements. He’s certainly of the Frankenstein monster’s ilk, albeit created from a soup of DNA and synthetic flesh rather than reclaimed corpses. His origin story, at least in the trappings of its imagery and some locations, recalled classic horror elements. When I first spotted the

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Elite Horseman and Basilisk


By KansasBrawler Sometimes the Joe line surprises you. I’m honestly a bit tired of seeing repainted Snow Cats. I’ve never really liked that vehicle, yet I have three of them now. The Wolfhound was a clearance impulse buy (seriously, I think I got it for five bucks somewhere during a post-Christmas inventory sell down), the HAVOC was a brilliant cross-sell

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