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Cobra Commander (2004)


We action figure geeks can be a cowardly, superstitious lot. We’re sometimes afraid of changes to the beloved properties of our youth. Clinging to established visions of characters only as we have known them, we often cheat ourselves of enjoying new interpretations of our time-tested favorites. Maybe we hold some sort of irrational fear that the changing of our childhood

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Destro (2008)


The Iron Grenadiers version of the Enemy Weapons Supplier must have been quite popular in the Hasbro ranks during the first few years of the modern GI Joe era. This Destro mold was released five times in 2008. Those sort of numbers remind me what an amazing time collectors had during those reinvigorated Real American Hero homage years of 2007

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Night Watch Heavy Weapons Trooper

By KansasBrawler I’ve never been much of an army-builder. I’ve never really seen the point of assembling large quantities of identical looking figures. Intellectually, I understand the appeal…there have been some great shots in Joe dio-stories of Cobra Commander addressing a massive group of all the Cobra specialties before his big scheme takes off. Even Rob’s army-building post from a

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Viper Pilot (1983)

Apologies for the less than pristine figure, but that’s how these guys are often found. The Viper Pilot is of course the standard original Cobra trooper mold, with a silver sigil in place of red. Something about the silver paint used for the chest emblem just doesn’t hold up to play over the years. Viper Pilots certainly got their share

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Cobra Eel (1993)

Hasbro went redeco crazy with some of 1993’s Battle Corps figures. Call it the last gasps of a once fabulously successful toyline, or a cheap way to extend the line for another year, the fact remains that, repaints aside, the year’s output in terms of single carded figures was immense. With Battle Corps and a host of offshoot sub-teams, there

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