Enemy Weapons Supplier (Code Name: Destro)

When I got my first couple of Joe figures I was having fun with toys that were something new and fresh after years of Star Wars fanaticism. It took the addition of the 1983 series to totally bring me around to being a Joe fan first and foremost. At a time when early looks at new product just couldn’t happen, new toys simply showed up in the toy department. What a concept–not knowing what’s coming out months in advance! After the first series of mostly green army men, new specialties and new uniforms showed up to wow 10 year-old me, and no figure embodied that sucker punch of coolness like Destro. From the commercials to the cartoon and comic, Destro’s introduction into the mythos was dramatic and highly entertaining. He was definitely one of my early got-have-it figures based on advertising and tie-ins. Man, Hasbro marketing was utterly diabolical!

This original version of the steel domed mack of Cobra continues to be my favorite rendition of the character. He was imposing in both looks and size when compared to other figures, especially the comparatively smaller Cobra Commander. His portrayal in the animated series only cemented his coolness for me. The 1988 version took the character in an interesting new direction, but it didn’t quite have the same affect on me. Even the 25th Anniversary version with all its modern accoutrements couldn’t capture the magic of this figure. Is my opinion clouded by nostalgia? Yes. And I don’t care.


  • ”Destro makes his introduction to the G.I.Joe world in the 1st movie:The M.A.S.S.Device. When he arrives at Cobra Temple, he brings along the 3 elements needed to fuel the MASS Device.Then he realizes G.I.Joe will not stand by and let him conquer the world.He starts to think of a plan to eliminate his enemy-G.I.Joe and usurp Cobra Commander from power as well.What a mean, nasty dude Destro is .”

  • Past Nastification

    Nostalgia or not, this is a better figure than the 25A version because it doesn’t look like a superhero. It looks like a big imposing person stuffed into a crazy leather bodysuit. The wrinkles on the arms and torso give it enough “realism” to keep it from drifting into super villain territory.

    The artwork is more exaggerated than the figure.

    Plus this head actually looks like a two-part helmet that would cover a person’s head. The lack of any visible eyes and the neutral expression make it even more menacing.

    • Total agreement about the head. I never liked V3 because of the eyes and gaunt looking face.

    • The artwork show his left wrist band with 3 full size grenades. The actual figure has some odd red things there instead. That’s for the best, seeing how the 25th version looked.

  • If Vader was a Scottish arms dealer/pimp, he’d be Destro.

  • Eh it was good for the time because there was no alternative. That headsculpt is a big blocky mess…..i think the card art set the standard too high. The 25th version was superior, particularly the cartoon 5 pack version.

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