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Dreadnok Cycle (2004)

Dreadnok Cycle (2004)


Remember when convention exclusive vehicles’ secondary market prices didn’t reach instananeous and stratospheric heights? Up until a few years ago, one could initially pick up many JoeCon items for a 20 to 30 percent mark-up. Some items from those days, like this Dreadnok Cycle, weren’t all that More >

Dreadnok VTOL (1986)

Dreadnok Air Assault VTOL Copter (1986)


When I started collecting GI Joes again in the early 90s, there were some toys from my youth that I had somehow forgotten about. The Sears exclusive Dreadnok vehicles were one memory that had mysteriously vanished from my mind. I know that I must have seen them in the Christmas catalog that year, More >

Dreadnok RIpper (2008)

Dreadnok Ripper (2008)


All three of the original Dreadnoks were very cool characters, and some of the most out-there action figures of the 1980s. After all, what’s not to love about a group of rough and tumble bikers who looked like they stumbled off the set of a Mad Max film. Larry Hama’s characterizations of the group More >


Monkeywrench (1986)


Out of all the 80′s Dreadnoks, I think Monkeywrench most resembles a regular biker gang hooligan. He doesn’t have any new wave hairstyle, funky glasses or armor plated jeans. Instead, he’s decided to accessorize with patches and bandanas. In the end, he’s not too wild looking, just a long haired More >


Monkeywrench (2009)


Sometimes parts reuse just doesn’t turn out as well as expected. As a former action figure customizer, I can appreciate having a vision for a base figure and thinking that vision will be borne out in the end. I’ve also had experiences in which the limitations of the base figure couldn’t be More >


Buzzer (2007)


Have I mentioned before that the 25th anniversary series both frustrates and inspires? Articulation, fit and proportion issues were balanced with innovations that would be improved upon in the modern line. For me, the accessories were the most solid aspect of the figures. Whether harnesses, More >


Dreadnok Ripper (2004)


Remember when Ripper traded in his trademark can opener rifle and jaws of life for a missile launcher?

The 2000′s series, made a valiant effort to produce 12 inch versions of both classic and new Joes and Cobras. Ripper had been in the 3 & 3/4 GI Joe vs. Cobra series, and though he had changed up More >

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