Captivating Cover: Marvel GI Joe Issue 30

This issue quickly became worn out from re-reading. The Dreadnoks’ attack on McGuire air force base was brilliantly staged, and remains one of my most vivid comic memories. The issue had it all; from Zartan’s impersonation of Hawk to the ‘Noks taking apart an F-14 with their unique and destructive weaponry. Oh, and of course a Mike Zeck GI Joe cover always rocks.

GI Joe 30


  • This was the 4th Joe comic I got back in ’84. I desperately wanted Dreadnok figures for 1985. Fortunately, I got my wish. After this issue, it was only Hiss Drivers who manned the FANG (Oh, wait, SNAP) helicopters.

  • ”The Dreadnoks, along with Zartan, in 1984, was only the start of the mighty world, of The mercenary family known to everyone ,as The Dreadnoks ,that included Zarana, Zandar, Thrasher, Monkey Wrench, and The vehicles that are popular as ”Junkyard Built”, to serve the group’s purpose,to cause fear/panic for the G.I.Joes.”

  • Does anyone else think the Dreadnoks were a bit too effective in the comics? I mean they plough through buildings in their ramshackle vehicles and can easily defeat any one they come across.

    • I think the Dreadnoks were used so much in both comic and cartoon because they were chaotic evil. Cobra became too clandestine in the comic to try outright acts of terrorism. Even in the cartoon, Cobra’s basic grunts usually weren’t outright reckless fools. The Dreadnoks were fun in that regard, which is why, despite Zartan being their leader, the comic ‘Nok’s would later be used without him, because he was too level headed to let them have destructive fun.

  • Its a Dreadnok life for us, its a Dreadnock life for us! Instead of treated, we get tricked, instead of treated, we get tricked!

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