The Joy of Joe Available Now

A new GI Joe related book is available via Amazon, featuring thirty essays by Joe fans of all stripes, from authors, artists, collectors and more. Edited by and featuring an essay by new pulp and GI Joe Kindle Worlds author Jim Beard, the Joy of Joe is an exploration and celebration of what’s drawn so many kids to the brand.

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Action Force Palitoy Collectors’ Guide (

I’ve long sung the praises of Blood for the Baron, the premiere online resource for all things Action Force. For a collector with a historical bent, it’s a gargantuan resource of information regarding the small-scale GI Joe’s UK cousins. Now there’s an equally exhaustive reference book for the toys and ephemera. The Palitoy Collectors’ Guide was a Kickstarter project that

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Mini H.I.S.S. Tank and Book

This mini-HISS tank and book set appeared suddenly a while back without a whole lot of fanfare, which is unusual these days. That’s not a complaint at all, in fact I’d like to see more miniature Joe product offered in this way. If you haven’t picked up this set, the scale will really surprise you. I figured it would be

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