Captivating Cover: Secret of the Mummy’s Tomb

I miss the days of Book and Record sets.I had my fair share of Peter Pan records as a toddler, including nursery rhymes and the like. I was a bit too young to have had any of the Adventure Team sets, though I did experience the wonders of the 1980s’ spate of movie tie-in records during my grade school years. We had a record player and a set of big-ass headphones that we could listen to at reading time. I remember a decent selection of titles like Star Wars, Empire, Star Trek the Motion Picture and the Black Hole. Good times.

I’m sure if I had seen this set at the time, it would have appealed to me. I was a monster kid from an early age, and the mummy would have certainly piqued my interest.



  • I had this as a kid. I didn’t understand why the G.I. Joe characters I knew weren’t in the story and wondered who this bearded guy was. Youth….

  • Dreadnok: Spirit

    This instantly reminded me of the Marvel Comics cover with Mindbender and Destro climbing some stairs, each holding up one end of a mummy.

  • So, was the mummy trying to pickaxe Joe to death to keep him from stealing those necklaces? Was he just the treasure security guard, like the Templar Knight in “Last Crusade”? Is Joe a grave robber?! Somebody tell me what happens!

    • Joe and his “Adventure Team” are plausibly-deniable “black ops” assets specializing in sabotage, espionage and assassination, as well as “recovering” occult relics from the Communist-aligned Middle-East and Southeast Asia.

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