Mini H.I.S.S. Tank and Book

This mini-HISS tank and book set appeared suddenly a while back without a whole lot of fanfare, which is unusual these days. That’s not a complaint at all, in fact I’d like to see more miniature Joe product offered in this way.

If you haven’t picked up this set, the scale will really surprise you. I figured it would be something along the lines of a Corgi or Eaglemoss scale vehicle, but the HISS is even smaller. As far as the whole package goes, the closest corollary I can think of are the Eaglemoss Batman vehicles. Unlike the focused magazines that are packed alongside the Bat vehicles, the HISS comes with a small book filled with GI Joe art.

As a mini representation of the original HISS, this is a very detailed model. Even the rivets on the armor made the transition. A tiny sticker sheet is also included, but I didn’t have the gumption to try and put them on. They’re so tiny!

The tank also features a nice set of lights and sound. Bright LEDs in the turret are accompanied by firing effects. The only thing missing from this package is a miniature HISS Driver. Actually, I wouldn’t mind a small scaled series of GI Joe vehicles along the lines of the old Star Wars Action Fleet. It could even incorporate players–maybe we could finally get a Cobra Temple or Sunbow vesrion of Joe HQ. Okay, I doubt that would happen. 

But hey, looking at the publisher’s web site, I see that a mini version of The Monster at the End of this Book featuring lovable, furry old Grover, is coming soon. That’s not Joe, but still a must buy.


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