Major Bludd (Sideshow Collectibles)


Sideshow caused quite a stir when they previewed their Major Bludd at the 2012 SDCC. I still can recall those stunning pictures of him standing in the case clutching his bloody Joe dog tags. I have to confess the poetry spouting Major was never one of my favorites as a kid, probably due to his characterization in the cartoons. Sideshow remedied some of this for me, this character came out bad to the bone. I know some hardcore enthusiasts do not like the liberties that Slideshow took with his arm and the uniform. I like all of their concepts here although some of them could be improved. The chest armor is a little puffy and the robotic arm is a little fiddley. The little details are awesome. Even the fins on the rockets are functioning and spring loaded. The Sideshow Exclusive was alternate portrait with scarred eye and clip-on augmented optical unit, which I like but never use in favor of the traditional eye patch. This figure ended up being the harbinger of a “Year of Cobra” from Sideshow that ended up bringing us Baroness, Destro and second versions of both Cobra Commander and Storm Shadow.

Major Bludd (Sideshow)

Major Bludd (Sideshow)

Major Bludd (Sideshow)


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