JAD Replay: 2003 Dart

Let’s hear it for new characters! I find it exciting when a new Joe or Cobra shows up on the scene, as it takes me back to the first few years of the RAH line, when every year held the promise of something new and different. I’m glad that the Joe line in the 2000’s wasn’t a slavish tribute to

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Doc II

By Past Nastification Let’s get the name issue out of the way.  Technically, the GI Joe Collectors’ Club named this figure “GI Joe Doc” when they released it in 2007.  Tacking on “GI Joe” was probably some legal maneuvering, so I’m simply ignoring it.  And this isn’t a retcon or re-imagining of the original Doc- it’s his niece taking his

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Destro (2008)

Are you an original Destro fan or Iron Grenadiers Destro fan? I find there are elements of both that I enjoy, be it action figure or comic portrayal. The 25th anniversary series focused on this particular mold several times, and the comic interpretation got quite a lot of exposure in just a couple of years. While the other repaints of

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