Destro (2008)

Are you an original Destro fan or Iron Grenadiers Destro fan? I find there are elements of both that I enjoy, be it action figure or comic portrayal. The 25th anniversary series focused on this particular mold several times, and the comic interpretation got quite a lot of exposure in just a couple of years.

While the other repaints of this figure had their interesting points, I prefer this straightforward take on the vintage figure. There’s something starkly intimidating about the black red and gold. It’s a highly ceremonial look, but I’m sure that was the man’s point. If you were expecting Destro to go for a subdued ensemble, think again. After all, this is the guy who made a turtleneck stylish in the early 2000s series. And don’t forget his contribution to the history of big-ass medallions. He’s not just a clothes horse; he’s the whole dang stable.


  • I like the silver chromed repaint. It’s interesting to see this costume with Destro’s original colour-scheme.

  • Iron Grenadier Destro was a big favorite of mine as a kid (as were the IGs as a whole), so I am very partial to this design. My brother had the original, so this look is “my” Destro. The half cape and the ceremonial sword are very sharp.

    I do not have the 25th version, but I still have my original piloting his Despoiler.

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