A.V.A.C. (2008)


I always wondered just what the acronym AVAC stood for. I didn’t notice anything referring to its meaning until the release of this figure in the first lineup of 25th anniversary vehicles. Air Viper, Advanced Class is referenced on the newer file card, and that makes perfect sense in light of the original figure’s file card. It referred to the

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Cobra Paratrooper (2008)


The DVD battle packs gave us some very popular characters that didn’t make the single-carded releases. Guys like Dusty and Alpine were welcome additions to the modern line, and their nostalgia factor was quite high with me, thanks to their original figures and memorable Sunbow appearances. The sets also produced more interesting accessories based on the cartoon series. In the

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Cobra BAT (2008 DVD Battles)


The Battle Android Troopers’ first appearance in the GI Joe cartoon was at the same time amazing and disappointing to me. While I liked the concept of robotic troops for Cobra, and thought both the toon and figure designs were just plain 80s Joe cool, I didn’t much care for their being trounced single-handedly by Sgt. Slaughter. At the time,

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