Cobra Paratrooper (2008)


The DVD battle packs gave us some very popular characters that didn’t make the single-carded releases. Guys like Dusty and Alpine were welcome additions to the modern line, and their nostalgia factor was quite high with me, thanks to their original figures and memorable Sunbow appearances. The sets also produced more interesting accessories based on the cartoon series. In the

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Cobra BAT (2008 DVD Battles)


The Battle Android Troopers’ first appearance in the GI Joe cartoon was at the same time amazing and disappointing to me. While I liked the concept of robotic troops for Cobra, and thought both the toon and figure designs were just plain 80s Joe cool, I didn’t much care for their being trounced single-handedly by Sgt. Slaughter. At the time,

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Cobra Air Trooper (2007)


I went a little nuts buying the Cobra Legions box set. Just a couple years earlier, the army builder bug had bit me. I have a couple gallon bags full of new sculpt Vipers (both red and blue), Ninja Vipers and Night Creepers to show for it. I also have a few of the legions sets unopened. Looking back, it

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Snow Job (2008)


What better way to start off spring than to cover a cold weather themed figure? Actually, the weather around the JAD HQ the past few days has put me in the mind of winter. After a few days of warmth and sunshine, we’ve been treated to snow twice this week. Weird. Maybe Destro decided to take the Weather Dominator out

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Wraith (25th Anniversary)

Wraith (25th)

By KansasBrawler Sometimes, Hasbro makes controversial decisions when it comes to deciding what characters get figures and what characters don’t. Those that don’t like the figure believe that the “bad” character in question took the mythical slot of someone “more deserving.” There were a couple of figures like that in the 25th Anniversary line and Wraith is probably the biggest

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25th Anniversary Breaker


By KansasBrawler The 25th Anniversary comic packs did some pretty great things with a limited parts library. Considering how small Hasbro’s plans for the 25th Anniversary line originally were, they fleshed out the line with some quickly assembled comic packs. Unfortunately, not all those figures were winners and Breaker is unfortunately one of those early 25th Anniversary figures with so

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