Talking Hall of Fame Duke in 1993 Hasbro Dealer Catalog

The Hall of Fame talking Duke was pretty impressive for its day. Although sound chip toys were all over during the 90s, most didn’t offer the kind of randomization feature included with this figure. Hasbro must have been quite confident in its potential as is featured a full page spread in the 1993 catalog. They hooked me with the toy, as it was not only a nicely playable little bit of tech, it also gave us collectors a Duke outfitted in something other than desert camo.


  • I seriously want that catalog. I had the Desert Storm Hall of Fame Duke and he developed bald spots where the removable helmet rubbed his flocked hair. The Jungle Camo Duke with the unflocked hair seemed to hold up better.

  • Mine flat out stopped working. New batteries made no difference. Talking Duke was Mute Duke.

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