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Dee-Jay (1993)

Poor Dee-Jay, stuck as an extra member of the less than popular Battle Force 2000. To further add to his misery, the guy debuted and died in the same comic issue. And don’t get me started about his funky boots. Possibly the explanation for his boots lies in BF2K’s mission as a testing ground for future weapons. Somewhere in 1986,

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Lifeline (1991)

How many boxes of cereal would you buy as an adult collector in order to capture an exclusive figure? Would you have downed five boxes of Fruit Brute to get a free Membros figure? Come on, don’t be shy. If you’re a toy collector, you know you’ve done it, especially if you were collecting the Star Wars Power of the

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G.I. Joe (1994)

1994 was a bittersweet year for this GI Joe collector. While the 30th anniversary salute was a fun tribute to the brand, the Real American Hero line also came to an end. Having just come back to collecting Joe in 1991, I was disappointed to see it exit when it did. The last mail-in of the first small Joe era,

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GI Joe Combat Glasses

I don’t know about you, but if I were in the midst of a heated battle with Cobra, I’d be jonesing for these sweet shades to protect my delicate ocular orbs! Bright optic orange? Sweet! Too bad they don’t come in prescription. And hey, they’re only one dollar–waitaminute, what’s that asterisk all about? A dollar-fifty shipping and handling?! Man, looks

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Desert Camo Sgt. Savage (1995)

Surprisingly, I haven’t covered Sgt. Savage too much in the nearly three year history of the site. In fact, this is the first representative of the line’s regularly scaled toys that I’ve written about. There were as many differences as similarities between this attempted relaunch of the brand and the classic small scaled GI Joe figures. The Savage line’s figures

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Sgt. Slaughter (1985)

I thought the mail-in Sgt. Slaughter was a pretty nice looking figure as a kid. I actually didn’t even have him until years later, but my best friend had sent away for him. I remember being impressed with the size of the figure, as the Sarge towers over pretty much every other GI Joe figure of the time. The paint

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