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Combat Glasses

GI Joe Combat Glasses


I don’t know about you, but if I were in the midst of a heated battle with Cobra, I’d be jonesing for these sweet shades to protect my delicate ocular orbs! Bright optic orange? Sweet! Too bad they don’t come in prescription. And hey, they’re only one dollar–waitaminute, what’s that asterisk all More >

Sgt. Savage (Desert Camo)

Desert Camo Sgt. Savage (1995)


Surprisingly, I haven’t covered Sgt. Savage too much in the nearly three year history of the site. In fact, this is the first representative of the line’s regularly scaled toys that I’ve written about. There were as many differences as similarities between this attempted relaunch of the brand and More >

Create A Cobra (again)


Tonight, it’s another blast from the past, and also one of the earliest JAD posts. I can’t think of a more pink GI Joe figure than this one. Barbie-Viper, anyone? Check it out here.

Sgt. Slaughter (1985)

Sgt. Slaughter (1985)


I thought the mail-in Sgt. Slaughter was a pretty nice looking figure as a kid. I actually didn’t even have him until years later, but my best friend had sent away for him. I remember being impressed with the size of the figure, as the Sarge towers over pretty much every other GI Joe figure of the More >

RDF (1993)

Rapid Deployment Force (1993)


What you see before you can best be described as excitement on the go. Can you imagine being able to carry three of your favorite GI Joe figures with you wherever you go? How about unleashing three (okay, two) highly desirable figures from a fairly nondescript looking black plastic case? You can More >

Steel Brigade (1993)

Steel Brigade 2: Electric Boogaloo (1992)


Will we ever get another mail-in figure in the modern era? Sure, the Rescue Doc mail-in offer was a nice little nod to the 80s, but I miss the figures made exclusively as mail-in offers. Hasbro in the 1990s went crazy with the number of mail-ins, though many were crazily hued. Without a large More >

Super Trooper (1988)

Super Trooper (1988)


It’s been a long time getting here, two years in fact. Last year, my first anniversary post covered the 30th anniversary Airtight, a new version of the first figure I ever covered for the blog. This time, I’m looking at a figure that I’d intended to showcase since the beginning, but that had been More >


GI Joe Reservist Redux


Why does this figure fascinate me? Perhaps it’s because he comes from a time when GI Joe wasn’t at the heights of popularity of the 80s, yet was a bold move in terms of being offered as a mail-in for a new line. The Hasbro direct program of the Real American Hero era was a juggernaut in terms of More >


Major Altitude (1993)


Major Altitude, a mail-in figure included in a two pack with the uniquely crazy repaint of Interrogator, comes from a year that was chock full of exclusive repainted figures. While the figure mail-ins began as a way to obtain as yet unreleased figures like Duke and Major Bludd, there were also More >


Storm Shadow (2005 Mail-in)


Yesterday’s post was about a popular variant of a main character turned into a desirable mail-in that was offered through Hasbro for years. Today’s entry is a mail-in that saw release for a short time and continues to be available at rock bottom prices.

The new sculpt era was laughably short on More >

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