Storm Shadow (2005)

The original Storm Shadow figure for me is the perfect example of what I love about the 1980s GI Joe thing. Ninjas were and always are cool, masked bad guys in white are unique, and ninjas are cool. Could the figure be improved? That’s doubtful, with the exception of possibly adding a ball-jointed neck. 2005’s comic pack edition I don’t

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Cobra Commander (2004 Comic Pack)

The early issues of the Marvel GI Joe comic in particular presented the characters with varying differences among their uniforms. Herb Trimpe, Mike Vosburg and others had an artistic license that isn’t seen much in the current era of highly focused marketing. That’s a shame, as I find the resulting anachronisms interesting. There’s not much heart to the modern adherence

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Serpentor (2005 Comic Pack)

Sepentor–love him or hate him, you can’t deny his ability to spark lively conversation among Joe fans. In his various incarnations, be it toy, cartoon or comic, he’s at least unique. My personal opinion of him is based mostly on my first impressions as a kid, particularly as an 80s Marvel Zombie.  I thought he would personify, at least conceptually,

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