Storm Shadow (2005)

The original Storm Shadow figure for me is the perfect example of what I love about the 1980s GI Joe thing. Ninjas were and always are cool, masked bad guys in white are unique, and ninjas are cool. Could the figure be improved? That’s doubtful, with the exception of possibly adding a ball-jointed neck. 2005’s comic pack edition I don’t believe was trying to top what came before, but rather to better match the printed page.

The only mold update are the base upper arms, and I find the variation to be a nice change, although Stormy looks a little too buff in the arms now. The slim 1984 mold style doesn’t play well with 1991 biceps.

Like most 2000s figures, he got the short end of the accessory stick, with only a sword and sheath. Again these are out of scale with the older mold, being of a more recent vintage. But hey, I’ve got a ton of original repros to give him.

The subtle paint app changes to the arm and leg wraps are my favorite new element of the figure. Combined with the parts updates, it makes for a unique take on the old favorite.


  • It is nice to have a cheap, white Stormshadow with less breakable thumbs. Just wish he had the right gear. At least the custom market has taken care of that.

  • The sleeveless look differentiates him from all the repaints and helps him look more like an individual. And while I agree about the super buff arms, it’s really the skin tone that ruins this figure for me. I don’t see Storm Shadow as the sun worshiper type sporting the Malibu tan. Comic pack Rock & Roll can get away with it, but it’s distracting on this guy.

  • Edmaour Michals

    I Had the original, This one’s arms SUCK!!!!!!

  • I just swapped out the arms on the Rolling Thunder driver Armadillo for my sleeveless SS.

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