Destro (2008)


The Iron Grenadiers version of the Enemy Weapons Supplier must have been quite popular in the Hasbro ranks during the first few years of the modern GI Joe era. This Destro mold was released five times in 2008. Those sort of numbers remind me what an amazing time collectors had during those reinvigorated Real American Hero homage years of 2007

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Wild Bill (2008 Comic Pack)

Some fans of Sunbow’s GI Joe cartoon have for years clamored for toy versions of the series’ interpretations of some key characters. From the slightly different, like Flint in a new shade of fatigue shirt or Cobra Commander with a striped battle helmet, to the radically altered like Airborne and Steeler. Some of the changes make for oddities that only

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Storm Shadow (2008)

Yes, there are a lot of versions of Storm Shadow. Maybe one day, I will have covered them all, before I call the blog quits. Most of the recent versions came from the 2007 with the 25th Anniversary line. As comic pack figures go, this one is somewhat interesting in terms of its look. Based on the character’s appearance in

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Snake Eyes (2008 Comic Pack)

What csn I say about Marvel’s GI Joe issue 21 that hasn’t already been said by minds wiser than mine? Nothing much, except to relate my own experience with the legendary comic. I picked up the issue at my regular 1984 comic book haunt, 7-11. I had picked up a few issues of the Marvel comic by that point, but

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Duke (2008)

Sometimes as a collector of large, long lived toy lines, you get burned by the repetition of main characters. Often, it doesn’t hurt so bad to buy multiple versions of one person. For instance, the vintage Star Wars line, for all its representations of Luke, Han and Leia, the big three were wearing outfits significantly different than the last. Of

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Cobra Officer (2008)

The Marvel comic inspired multi figure packs continued into the 25th anniversary, and the Cobra troopers were one of the few repeats from previous releases. The colors, although a bit more muted than the o-ring predecessors, were nonetheless inspired by the bright hues of 1980s comic printing. There’s something missing from modern comics, in a tactile sense. I remember the

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