Cobra Officer (2004 Comic Pack)

As hit or miss as the comic packs were, I sure do miss them. Actually, I miss o-ring GI Joes at retail in general, but that’s a whole ‘nother story. I’m just glad I was able to catch a few of them on clearance back then. They are impressive looking when grouped.

The Cobra Officer was one of my early favorites within the Cobra ranks. I was fortunate to get a Sears Missile Command HQ after the straight arm figures had been replaced with the swivel arm battle grip versions. The original a molds are gone, replaced by what appears to be bare arms.


  • ”It’s good to see that the molds for the original action figures are still being used.”

  • Not as good as the original, but still a pretty nifty little figure. There’s a lot of nice painted details on him, but the Roadblock arms hurt his look.

  • The Roadblock arms …not so great. Also, the yellow doesn’t quite match the comic pack trooper’s. Still a good figure. Not sure he even appears in the comic he’s packed with per se.

  • I despised the Comic Pack Trooper, but really liked this figure. Plus, my local Wal Mart had a huge stack of them for $5 for months. I’d go and pick one up every couple of weeks. They match the Gas Mask Troopers well, too. So, you can get a nice comic pack army.

    This was a concept that really didn’t take off like it should have. I think the first couple of waves were too similar to attract casual fans and people who were buying gifts for kids. A little more diversity might have got us an extra wave or two.

    I think it’s interesting that Star Wars fans weren’t over the moon with their comic packs and they, like the Joe versions, died a terrible retail death. Yet, now, those packs tend to be revered for the figures they offered. I think Joe collectors have always appreciated the comic packs. But, they had a lot of flaws (like everything in that era) that could be tough to overcome.

  • While not exactly better than the original Cobra Officer figure, it’s different enough to offer something. The tan webgear gives him more of a field-ready look to me for some reason, and the helmet logo is cool. Maybe they’re Cobra NCOs?

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