1997 Slugger Box Art

Now here’s something interesting that I hadn’t noticed for years. The Toys R Us Exclusive release of the Slugger from 1997 uses the same image layout as the classic version, yet done in a photographic rather than painterly style.  The conceit is revealed in its driver, Gung Ho, who looks more like an action figure than the usual painted representation

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Cobra Paratrooper (2008)

The DVD battle packs gave us some very popular characters that didn’t make the single-carded releases. Guys like Dusty and Alpine were welcome additions to the modern line, and their nostalgia factor was quite high with me, thanks to their original figures and memorable Sunbow appearances. The sets also produced more interesting accessories based on the cartoon series. In the

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A Classic JAD Post

Sorry for the missed posts over the last few days, but I’ve had some sick kiddos at the HQ. I am working on more content when I can. In the meantime, please feel free to peruse the site’s past entries for, well just about anything Joe related. If you’d rather have a little direction from me, why not check out

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