Dino Hunters Ambush (1993)

I just can’t decide which Dino Hunter figure is cooler–Low-Light or Ambush. I have an automatic preference for Low-Light, since he’s a childhood favorite character, and Ambush wasn’t released until after I was out of playing with Joes. However, Ambush is a unique-looking dude, and I absolutely love his accessories. The only problem with the DH version though is that

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Low-Light (1993)

I am not ashamed to say that I love the Dino Hunters. I’m not taking about an ironic or hipster love, but a straightforward nerdy adult who collects toys love. And there’s not much of a nostalgia angle to it either, since my childhood Joe years were 1982-1987. No, the Dino Hunters set came around when I was in full

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Xamot (2005)

If there’s been one (make that two) figures Joe ‘toon and comic fans have yearned for over the years, it’s Tomax and Xamot in their Extensive Enterprises business suits. I should have prefaced that by saying adult Joe fans, since I certainly didn’t give a whit about having any business-suited action figures during my childhood Joe years. It’s only with

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