Black Dragon (2003)

Black Dragon was a spy warlord, the leader of a new faction introduced in the 2003 con set. Though it was the second set after the legendary Crimson Strike Team, this one seemed to set the standard for the future. Featuring a small squad of Joes battling a Cobra leader and his forces, it introduced not only con exclusive Joe

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Sci-Fi (1994)

I almost get tired of saying this, but some of the less regarded later figures are pretty awesome, if you can see beyond some garish colors. Take this Sci Fi, for example. He’s got some really nice things going for him. Considering some of the shortcuts that were happening late in the line, like the weapons trees and limited paint

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Sgt. Stalker (2002)

As much furor as we’ve seen in the Joe fandom from the reduced articulation of the new movie figures, it pales in comparison to the epic T-crotch hissy fit of 2002. I still find it amazing that Hasbro so quickly did an about-face on the articulation of the GI Joe relaunch back then.  It’s interesting to remember the angst about the

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