Yo Joe! Transform! Planet Comicon 2018 Panel

Here’s the audio along with accompanying slides of our recent GI Joe/Transformers lineage panel. We think there’s some intriguing connective tissue between the two properties, and the Microman/Mego connections are fascinating to me. Big thanks to Flag Points Page for co-presenting, and to Flag Points Dave and Twitziller for their always valuable insight. Slide images via microforever.com, hisstank.com, vectis.co.uk, seibertron.com,

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Planet Comicon 2018

Local con time came a bit earlier this year, and JAD was there to cover it again. The Joe toy presence at this year’s Planet Comicon was very light among vendors, but The Finest showed up and showed out again with impressive cosplay and life-size playsets. Along with the bivouac and watchtower was an impressive version of Scrap-Iron’s missile launcher

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