Mirage Trio

The early 2000s o-ring repaints were a surprise among the new t-crotch figures. I didn’t expect to see Vipers (both regular and Alley) among the newly created figures. Among the Joes was a late ARAH figure that would make its way to many army builders’ extras bins–the good old Mirage mold. Originating in the oft-maligned Mega Marines sub-team, he was

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Stalker (2004)

By Past Nastification Released as “Sgt. Stalker”, this figure is a single pack repaint of the 2002 new sculpt Stalker. The colors are slightly darker and the gear is different, making this a modest improvement over the mold’s first time out. The sculpting here is solid, especially for a NS figure. Stalker has a properly sized head with a stern,

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Dart (2002)

By Past Nastification The traditional “A Real American Hero” figure format was introduced in 1982. The ARAH format shamelessly mimicked the o-ring design and articulation of Mego’s Buck Rogers and CHIPS lines. With a few exceptions, such as some aliens and mega monsters, the figures generally held to a standard buck in terms of proportions. The proportions of the figures

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