Jungle Trooper (Code Name: Recondo)

There are a few GI Joe figures that have passed beyond the realm of simply being well made and memorable to the die hard fans. Figures like the original Cobra Commander, Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes I think are recognizable even to those who only have a casual knowledge of the toys. Then there are others, who may not be

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Tiger Force Roadblock (FSS 6.0)

By KansasBrawler It seems like every FSS wave has a controversial figure. However, FSS 6.0 seemed pretty controversy free. Everyone was pretty solidly behind the character choices and even the pre- release discussions of figure construction were fairly drama free. Unfortunately, drama reared is fabulous head when the mystery thirteenth figure showed up on our doorsteps. The clues led everyone

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Razorclaw (2004)

You’ll have to try very hard to avoid a Wolverine comparison when it comes to Razorclaw. From his masked, dour visage to his retractable claws to his berserker personality, the guy is the most Logan-y of all Cobras. Heck, his helmet/mask even has built-in mutton chops. Razorclaw was part of the Valor vs. Venom series, and as such his background

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