What do you do when you have all the 3 and 3/4 inch GI Joe figures from 1982 through the present, as well as knock-offs, sub-lines, wanna-bes and Sigma 6? Write about a different one each day, of course.

Tune in, turn on and geek out with me and my daily thoughts about this crazy hobby towards which I’ve invested my copious free time.

Also, a little information about comments on the blog. I try to keep things fairly clean here language and subject-wise, so any comments that go too far in that area (harsh language, personal attacks, political, religious, racial and other wonderfully inflammatory subjects) will be moderated out. I’ve always believed that if you wouldn’t say something in real life to someone’s face, don’t say it online. I want to keep the spirit of JAD fun and lighthearted. 99.9% of the comments I get are perfectly fine, but I feel the need to make sure folks know the ground rules regardless.


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