Mercenary (Code Name: Major Bludd)

If I needed to sum up what makes Major Bludd a great GI Joe villain with one word, it would be character. With the first year Cobra troops being nameless, faceless minions, the organization needed an injection of personality in its second outing. Major Bludd, as one of the major Cobra-associated agents of 1983, added some variety to the bad

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S.E.AL. (Code Name: Torpedo)

The first and my favorite of all the Joe team’s combat divers, Torpedo brings forth all sorts of great childhood memories. First and foremost, a kid just couldn’t help but get this figure into the water, whether sink, tub, or pool. Unfortunately the aquatic adventures eventually wreaked havoc on the toy, as screws ultimately rusted, and in the case of

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Medic (Code Name: Doc)

The new for 1983 Joes are one of the most cohesive looking assortments in all the Real American Hero year’s. With sleek sculpts, an overall drab color scheme, and a wonderfully diverse group of specialties, Hasbro cemented what the previous year established, at least in this kid’s mind. It was the year that hooked me and pulled my toy-collecting heart

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