Mercenary (Code Name: Major Bludd)

If I needed to sum up what makes Major Bludd a great GI Joe villain with one word, it would be character. With the first year Cobra troops being nameless, faceless minions, the organization needed an injection of personality in its second outing. Major Bludd, as one of the major Cobra-associated agents of 1983, added some variety to the bad guys’ battlefield presence.

The early named Cobra figures were all about character. Bludd sports a Fu Manchu ‘stache, eye patch, unique helmet, and bulletproof vest adorned with multiple dogtags. Add in the armored appendage and rocket pistol and you’ve got the makings of a classic 80s baddie. Simultaneously over the top and menacing in look and characterization, it’s no wonder that his badness imprinted on so many kids’ minds.

Major Bludd was a seriously conniving fellow in the Marvel comics, and somewhat less so in the Sunbow cartoon. It was no question that his animated loyalties lay with Cobra Commander, though Destro held him in disdain within both media storylines. Where Destro maintained some sense of honor, Bludd is ultimately loyal to money and who pays him. He is a mercenary after all.

Bludd’s figure struck a menacing chord for its day, and though I like the black armor, I would have been happy to see this mold repainted in the animated color scheme. Alas it will most likely be up to customizers, unless Hasbro sees fit to reissue the Joes along the lines of the upcoming Star Wars Retro series. One can dream.


  • ”Major Bludd was always known, as the pain -in -the -Butt for both G.I.Joe and Cobra.You could always see him drive the Cobra H.I.S.S.tank.One wonders ,since he is from Australia, Why?..He did not just join up with Zartan and his Dreadnoks?”

  • Hmmm….the only Sunbow scene I can think of where Destro hates on Bludd is in The Viper Is Coming when he suspect Bludd is the Viper.

    He was loyal to Cobra Commander in the cartoon, and didn’t aide in the creation of Serpentor, but that’s more because he was ignored in season 2 because his figure was discontinued. I think his only appearance was in tuxedo in Cobrathon.

    Hama’s file card mentions his tactical mind, but then the comic uses him almost entirely as an assassin. I think he’d make a fine shipping clerk.

  • I always thought he was a gentle soul what with the poetry and all that! Seriously though, Sunbow sold me on this guy. He was CC’s right hand man, for a price! And the later versions of the character were pretty damn cool too!

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