Storm Shadow (2004)

Action features are a sticky wicket. While kids love ’em (and they do, believe me) collectors tend to loathe them. I’m okay with action features when they’re integrated well with the figures. Weirdly scaled limbs, giant buttons or fall-apart bits tend to turn me off. However, when the feature is themed with the character and still allows for playability beyond

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Snow Job (2008)

What better way to start off spring than to cover a cold weather themed figure? Actually, the weather around the JAD HQ the past few days has put me in the mind of winter. After a few days of warmth and sunshine, we’ve been treated to snow twice this week. Weird. Maybe Destro decided to take the Weather Dominator out

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Shark (The Bad Guys)

How do you know when your toy line is a big success? When other companies scramble to catch some of your lightning in a bottle of their own. Sometimes it’s successful, sometimes it isn’t. Remco’s Sgt. Rock line, based on the long-running DC war comic, sought to capitalize on Hasbro’s small  scaled GI Joe relaunch. The company even went as

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