Tracker (Code Name: Spirit)

In the days of the Sunbow cartoon, I couldn’t quite fathom why Spirit was set up as an antagonist for Storm Shadow, when Snake Eyes was also about. Maybe it was merely the philosophical bent that both characters were given in the animated series, that the writers determined the two were a good match. Then again, maybe it was due

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Twin Battle Gun (Whirlwind)

I am a sucker for the towed artillery that peppered the early years of the Real American Hero line. These weapons bring a variety to the battlefield beyond tanks and fast-attack wheeled attack vehicles. It’s a shame the trend didn’t continue into the later 80s and 90s. I suppose Hasbro figured cannons just weren’t as interesting as variations on tanks

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Skimobile (Polar Battle Bear)

Does it get any sweeter than the Polar Battle Bear? I think not. Since 1983, this has been my go-to winter/arctic vehicle. Yes, I even elevate it above the Snow Cat. Why? Well, you can easily amass a fleet of them, and more importantly it’s the only driverless vehicle that I instantly identify with a single-carded figure. Who? My favorite

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