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Guest entries by Joe A Day field agents from all over the internet. Read about figures, vehicles and more from different points of view. Stay tuned for more updates!

Retaliation HISS and Cobra Commander by KansasBrawler

Crimson HISS and Crimson Horseman (2011) by KansasBrawler

Cobra Pogo (1987) by KansasBrawler

GI Joe Stamp and Sticker Set by Jeremy

Monkeywrech (1986) by KansasBrawler

Buzz Boar (1987) by KansasBrawler

Mail-Away Lifeline (1991) by KansasBrawler

Major Bludd (1983) by KansasBrawler

Darklon and Evader (1989) by KansasBrawler

Forward Observer Unit (1985) by KansasBrawler

Mortar Defense Unit (1984) by KansasBrawler

Mortal Kombat Liu Kang 1994 by Acer

Welly 1/18 Scale Die Cast 1970 El Camino by twitziller

Steel with Waverunner (2013 True Heroes) by twitziller

Mako (2013 True Heroes Sentinel 1) by twitziller

Thunder (1984) by Flag Points’ Dave

Ammo Dump (1985) by KansasBrawler

Dice (2012) by NFCJD

Gatilho (2011) by NFCJD

Mr. Joe by Jeremy

Chinese Major Bludd by NFCJD

Missile Defense Unit (1984) by KansasBrawler

Action Marine (1994) by Acer

Machine Gun Defense Unit (1984) by KansasBrawler

International Action Force (1993) by Acer

Cobra Rifle Range Unit (1985) by KansasBrawler

1985 GI Joe Mural Puzzle Set by @DanUthman

A.W.E. Striker and Night Fox by NFCJD

Ninja Combat Cruiser (2012 Retaliation) by NFCJD

Steel Brigade by NFCJD

APC by Lt. Clutch

Raider by Lt. Clutch

Battle Armor S.N.A.K.E. by Flag Points’ Dave













  • I never had the SN.A.K.E. as a kid but it was included with a pal’s collection that he sent out to me around ten years ago. But I was lacking the all-important Nostalgia Factor and the stuff I got was long sold off. That is a great idea for a Sideshow exclusive, however. Let’s see if some bright customizer out there reads this and gives Sideshow a source of inspiration.

  • I LOVED the SNAKE right off the bat, one of my fav aspects was the fact that you could have it together without having to have a pilot with the rubber insides, sure it wasn’t too stable but at the same time it made the appearence be more troops than you had, which was great for battles. I always had these the precurser to the BAT, but they were easily converted from Robot to armor (got that from MASS Device mini series which made the armor appear to be robots). Anyway loved it right from the get go.

  • I never had the S.N.A.K.E.!
    I’d buy one!

  • The Raider looks like a really cool vehicle. Hope to find one with Hot Seat at a convention someday!

  • The Raider is one vehicle that’s managed to elude me during my relatively recent return to vintage collecting. Hoping to snag it someday, especially since I do own Hot Seat.

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  • I’m also a fan of the APC, but it is truly a cold war relic. I can’t see Hasbro ever digging it up to re-release. That being said, how sweet would it have been to get the APC redone with the Action Force ATC top & interior for the 2012 Convention Oktober Guard set (instead of the WWII era Indy truck)?

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  • What’s the custom Night Fox made up of? Does it use the actual figure’s head, vest and weapon?

  • Night Fox isn’t new, he appeared with the Pursuit of Cobra Awe-Striker. He another one of those characters made up of reused parts.

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