Mako (2013 True Heroes Sentinel 1)

by @twitziller

In addition to reviving the animal/exploration fun of the Fisher Price Adventure People with their Animal Planet brand, Toys“Я”Us has provided 3 ¾” action figure fans a lower-cost analogue to GI Joe, through their store brand “True Heroes”. The line consists primarily of repackaged Chap Mei Soldier Force toys, which, though less realistic than GI Joe, offer a wealth of accessories, detailed sculpting, and some bold choices, such as the fantastically huge AB-115 Cargo Plane.

With the debut of a new line called “Sentinel 1”, True Heroes gets a minor facelift for 2013, a move that brings the line somewhat closer to the world of GI Joe. Not only do the figures now feature individual
character identities, but the team itself is described as an “elite” unit comprised of “top military operatives”. These descriptions have been added to the otherwise familiar True Heroes package design, along with a comic book-style portrait of a typical team member and a black band bearing the team logo. Improved paint apps and more realistic product selections are among the enhancements that help this line stand out from past offerings.

At the entry level price point for the line, Mako, the underwater specialist, is carded as a single figure with a handful of accessories and a large undersea scooter vehicle. All of this has been seen before,
but not in quite this presentation. Mako features basic 5-point articulation, plus hinged ankles that offer a slightly more realistic range of swimming poses. The scooter comes in a very adventure-friendly bright yellow finish, which is a comment either on Mako’s extreme bravery or utter foolishness. His accessories include a chest pack that plugs into his torso, a knife that fits into a leg sheath, and an oversized harpoon gun that can be attached to the scooter. Both Mako’s hands and the grips on the scooter feature the old Adventure People convention of rotated wrists, which offers the appearance of
someone with their left hand on the wheel and their right hand holding a beer.

At a bargain price of $3.99 ($1.99 if you happen upon one of the frequent BOGO sales) Mako is an inexpensive scuba diver with an easy-to-find ride for your next adventure under the surface of the local pond.


  • Not a bad value for what used to be a generic line. The AB-115 proved to be an enormous hit with collectors and this latest upgrade to individual character status brings them closer to Corps! level material.

    I still have a soft spot for the vintage Adventure People line so that is also a plus in my book.

  • one hand on the wheel, one holding a beer… that is too much. and this would be perfect for Don to take down to the pond. i’ll encourage him to wait for it to thaw.

  • Dec 2015……this item looks to have all but disappeared in its “single packaging” with the scooter. The figure can be included in the variants of the “Navy Seal” boat sets, but the scooter mold is very hard to find now………COME ON CHAP MEI! Do a re-issue, or The Corps may “drown you in the wake”

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