Mr. Joe

by Jeremy

Sometimes, in the world of toy collecting you see a figure so bad you can’t believe your eyes. Today we’re going to talk about a figure my son Alex brought home from the dentist’s office – “Mr. Joe” as my son called him. The sculpting isn’t all that bad actually. You can see some of the finer points of the sculpt including web gear,pockets, and knee pads. Mr. Joe even has a belt that looks very similar to the belts the first series Joes from 1982 had. However, poor Mr. Joe only has five points of articulation, similar to the drivers included in some of those Retaliation vehicles.

His head is a little too small for his body, and I’ve never seen a gun holster strapped backwards to a figure’s leg before. The most noticeable feature on ‘ol Mr. Joe has got to be the absolute horrid paint job. His flesh tone is a bright pink. In fact, his face looks like a big bubble gum bubble blew up all over his face like the old Hubba Bubba ads you used to see in old Marvel Comics. Little consideration of staying within the lines on this bad boy. They didn’t even bother to paint the back of him at all! This figure is so ugly it makes the Corps! toys look like Pursuit of Cobra. Mr. Joe didn’t come with any accessories-his misshapen hands could hardly fit any of the weapons I tried to get him to hold.

To sum it all up though, this figure is worth more to me than any figure in my collection, because my son gave it to me. Mr. Joe, you’ve earned your place on my shelf between Starduster and my Listen ‘N Fun Tripwire.


  • I know what this thing is a knock-off of–it’s the 2002/2003 Flint!

  • Got one from my kid too! Came from the school nurse!


  • geez, wtf happened? that’s disturbingly awful

  • LOL! Sweet review. I used to love Hubba Bubba as a kid. It’s the only viable excuse for that wacky flesh (?) tone paint bleeding out over the beret. Also, the guy looks cross-eyed. And what is up with that hole on the back of his head?

    That’s cool, having your son give him you, though. Thanks for a great read.

  • Wow, that is weird…I’ve never seen something so odd happen with a SpyTroops-era Flint. What really surprises me is that he doesn’t have the O-ring style construction that the official one did. Does anyone know (because I wasn’t following the online community back in the day) if Flint was one of the Joes that got a quick O-ring retrofit before release after fans resisted the no-ring Joes of wave one?

  • The lack of paint on his back is actually his best feature.

  • I’d keep that away from your son, might have lead paint.

  • @Kansas Brawler: The new sculpt version of Flint was released after the o-ring was reinstated in the wake of no-ring wave one’s backlash, so this guy was probably “produced” after the fact, sans the Spy Troops era articulation.

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