AWE Striker and Night Fox (2010 Pursuit of Cobra)


Okay, so this is like the 17th or 23rd A.W.E. Striker released since the one with Pathfinder in 2001, and the vehicle has long lost its excitement.  But they got me to buy one more of them. More specifically, Joe A Day commenter Scot did because he brought to light that Night Fox was first included with the 2010 A.W.E. which I had never paid any attention to [due to being another A.W.E.]. Anyway, I went on ebay immediately and searched for it.  Got it.

Now in my opinion, it’s an improvement because I like the mismatch of the green, tan, and black as opposed to the monotone color schemes of every previous A.W.E. (except its Eco Striker variation) has been.  But the appeal of this A.W.E. is really just Night Fox.  Man, I really dig this character.  The bio in his concise but colorful filecard really shows a lot of potential that so many obscure characters in the ’82-’94 line were blessed with, many of which I still love to this day. This new Joe, which now has 2 distinct figures, really has captured my imagination.  All that Petty Officer 2nd Class Armando Ortiz needed was an unmasked head, which I have now rectified. So now I have a nighttime operations version and… a daytime one?  I dunno.  Either way, I can’t pick a favorite, so I’ll use them both. 

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