Rescue Copter Pilot (Fisher-Price Adventure People)

By Past Nastification The internets doesn’t seem to know this guy’s proper name, but the ladies at the bar around the corner call him “The Plumber” because he’s known to be good at laying pipe. Obviously, this must mean that cheapskate bar-hopping women don’t want to pay full price for a professionally licensed and bonded plumber when this handsome devil

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Doc II

By Past Nastification Let’s get the name issue out of the way.  Technically, the GI Joe Collectors’ Club named this figure “GI Joe Doc” when they released it in 2007.  Tacking on “GI Joe” was probably some legal maneuvering, so I’m simply ignoring it.  And this isn’t a retcon or re-imagining of the original Doc- it’s his niece taking his

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