General Mayhem (2005 Convention Exclusive)

This week begins what appears to be the final JoeCon (at least in its current form) and I thought it would be fun to look back on some of my favorite figures from back when. They’re all o-ring era exclusives, since I stopped getting the yearly sets after 2010. The first JoeCon I attended was 2005, and that set is a great one. The post is a re-run, but I hope to get some new entries up for the rest of the four con days.

General Mayhem, released as part of 2005’s convention set, ties in nicely to the 2012 Oktober Guard vs. Iron Grenadiers convention theme. He’s a part of the Grenadiers, obviously, but also has a background in the Russian special forces.

If there was ever an example of the difference some extra paint apps can make for a mold, this is it. The WORMS mold has always been one of my favorite drivers, mostly because of its ornate, almost dress uniform style. It really didn’t befit a vehicle driver, but functions fantastically as a general’s outfit. The small painted accents bring out a lot of detail that wasn’t readily apparent in its first appearance.

The helmet might cause one at first glance to think that this is a new version of Voltar, and using Long Range’s similarly styled monocular helmet makes for an obvious comparison. The helmet, which on Long Range was molded in a solid color, is greatly improved by the extra paint apps. The only drawbacks to the figure are the fact that the helmet is glued on, and the man’s real name. Mayhemovski, seriously? How ridiculouski.


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