B.A.T. II v3.2 (2004)

The Hasbro 12 inch Joe figures of the 2000’s era included their share of hits and misses. Presumably as a cost-cutting measure, quite a few of the figures featured molded shirts rather than cloth. I always thought the look was cheap and knockoff-ish. A few, like Wild Bill, Bazooka, Agent Faces and Spirit actually received fully cloth costumes and were quite well

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Doc (1983)

Doc was among the first group of replacements in the Joe comic, and I still remember seeing the commerical one morning before school. I just had to have the Polar Battle Bear afterwards. As wonderful as the toys and comic were, the one-two punch of marketing brilliance in an animated comic book commercial was equally important in getting us little

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Anti-Aircraft Gun (1987 Action Pack)

Remember the 80’s, when the Real American Hero line was still based in a not-too-distant future military style based on a great deal of cutting edge equipment, like anti-aircraft guns that could be strapped to a soldier’s back? Surely nothing so silly would have been released in Joe’s halcyon decade, right? Well, it was 1987, the same year that Cobra

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