Quick Kick (2010)

I’ll admit that for the most part, my Pursuit of Cobra purchases went into baggies soon after being opened. That’s not to say I didn’t like the figures; bagging is just a process I’ve been doing ever since the 2000’s when I was collecting both new Star Wars and Joes. I would buy a new wave, and put most of the figures in bags. It’s mostly about storage. As much as I would like to display every figure, I just don’t have the space. So the choicest figure (or two) in a wave would end up taking a place of honor on my desk, hanging out next to my monitor until another cool figure came along to supplant it.

This Toys R Us exclusive version of Quick Kick was a desk figure for a long while. In the midst of the PoC line’s realism, he stood out with the kind of fun details I enjoy. Most importantly, the look. Quick Kick came outfitted as Game of Death Bruce Lee by way of the Cobra Kai dojo. The fight suit theme was a brilliant choice, and finally gives the man an outfit that doesn’t seen patently ridiculous among his teammates. The Kung Fu Grip logo on the vest is the crowning touch. Seeing this little callback to the 70’s made me giggle like a schoolgirl.

The glove accessories are a nice inclusion, and I’m also glad he got a little firepower this time around. Oh yeah, and shoes.


  • After missing out on the 25th version of ol QK, I was lucky enough to snag him at Toys r us. I think this figure is awesome. I also have the so called” inferior bagged version”, so having this one is really cool.

  • this is how MacArthur S Ito always should have looked even back to the ’85 version

  • Sheesh, I still haven’t been able to find one of these when it was announced he and Spirit were sighted at Ross. Save some for me, JERKS!!!

  • I bag my figures for storage reasons as well. In fact, all of my Joes are bagged and boxed along with similarly scaled lines such as Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Marvel Universe, DC Infinite Heroes and loose vintage stuff. Everything else is on card except for the figures on my shelves.

    This is a very cool figure. If the TRUs exclusive Spirit is a homage to Billy from “Predator” then Quick Kick here indeed does justice to both Bruce Lee and the Kung Fu Grip days. Just imagine Bruce as a Joe. How awesome would it be to bring both franchises together? This figure made it happen while updating QK and giving him a more realistic look that works nicely within the RAH universe.

  • A great figure!

  • Dreadnok: Spirit

    This is a nice figure and really very well detailed. But, I can’t help thinking it looks more like Dragon Han from Corps! than Quick Kick. Cool figure, though.

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