Doc II

By Past Nastification

Let’s get the name issue out of the way.  Technically, the GI Joe Collectors’ Club named this figure “GI Joe Doc” when they released it in 2007.  Tacking on “GI Joe” was probably some legal maneuvering, so I’m simply ignoring it.  And this isn’t a retcon or re-imagining of the original Doc- it’s his niece taking his place on the team.  That makes the figure Doc II, to me at least.

This is one of the best ARAH style figures that the GIJCC has done.

Its simple design, mostly Lady Jaye parts with a different head and arms, makes for a solid uniform.  It wisely and reverentially follows the look-feel of the 1983 Doc.   Sure, Doc II could have easily worn an olive drab or camouflage uniform, but making it a tribute design was just the right way to go.

Painting the lower belt white, as to match the medical case, is an effective visual break from the traditional Lady Jaye color set.  This makes it easy to forget that this very iconic body is mostly Lady Jaye.  The micro-printed caduceus on the chest also gives Doc II a unique design point.

The head could be a bit larger, and the backpack doesn’t plug into the back very well.  Minor gripes.

As a character and a figure, Doc II is a worthy successor to the original Doc.


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