Tiger Force Roadblock (FSS 6.0)

By KansasBrawler It seems like every FSS wave has a controversial figure. However, FSS 6.0 seemed pretty controversy free. Everyone was pretty solidly behind the character choices and even the pre- release discussions of figure construction were fairly drama free. Unfortunately, drama reared is fabulous head when the mystery thirteenth figure showed up on our doorsteps. The clues led everyone

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Cobra Ghost Mortal (Black Major)

The Cobra Mortal has quite a reputation among international releases. The silver and red version is highly prized, and the even rarer primarily white figure from Venezuela is something of an international grail for collectors. The Collectors Club covered both versions in convention sets, and based them on classic o-ring and modern construction Snake Eyes figures. Custom figure purveyor Black

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Plague Invasor (Black Major)

Here’s a mash-up I never would have imagined until I saw it–the Plague Invasor. It’s the sort of idea at which Black Major excels. Adapting the International exclusive Cobra Invasor concept to the 2000s era Plague sub-team is a brilliant step. When I first spotted this figure I assumed it was a Desert Scorpion type trooper, but the insignia tells

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