Plague Invasor (Black Major)

Here’s a mash-up I never would have imagined until I saw it–the Plague Invasor. It’s the sort of idea at which Black Major excels. Adapting the International exclusive Cobra Invasor concept to the 2000s era Plague sub-team is a brilliant step.

When I first spotted this figure I assumed it was a Desert Scorpion type trooper, but the insignia tells a different story. The combined cobra and skull is a nice variant of the main symbol. My only question is the color scheme. The Plague members were usually outfitted in black and grey, unless I missed something.

Without the insignia, the figure would make an excellent companion to tan Grunt and Clutch. Now that’s an idea–an all-desert original 13 set.

One comment

  • I do wish a couple of these Snake Eyes colors had been released sans logo. The desert was the most obvious. I’d like the same with the V2 Snake Eyes figs coming out now. I do love the ghost mortal. But, the purple version would be better as a Joe.

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