Cobra Ninja (Code Name: Storm Shadow)

Hard to believe it’s been almost eight years since I started this project. It’s probably even harder to believe that in those years, I’ve not covered the original Storm Shadow figure. 1984 Storm Shadow: the figure that launched five-dozen variations and pushed GI Joe into places the brand had never been before. As much responsible for hooking American kids on

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Medi-Viper (2005)

By Past Nastification The Medi-Vipers’ origin date waaaay back to the Marvel Comics run, where they popped up from time to time. They wore the old-fashioned head mirrors on their masked faces. If you’re wondering what a “head mirror” is, it’s the reflective circle on the metal band going around the Medi-Viper’s forwhead. Doctors used to wear them and I’m

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Cobra Eels (1985)

By KansasBrawler Ever since I rediscovered the Joe brand in high school during the relaunch era, I’ve been strangely fascinated with a few vintage figures I didn’t have as a kid. Usually, my figure tastes tend to skew towards ones I had as a kid because I have strong memories of them and, for the most part (save Battle Corps

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