Cobra Ghost Mortal (Black Major)

The Cobra Mortal has quite a reputation among international releases. The silver and red version is highly prized, and the even rarer primarily white figure from Venezuela is something of an international grail for collectors. The Collectors Club covered both versions in convention sets, and based them on classic o-ring and modern construction Snake Eyes figures.

Custom figure purveyor Black Major has recently unleashed a series of Cobra Invasors and Cobra Mortals based on the 1985 Snake Eyes mold. Now that these figures are out there, it seems like a no-brainer to have a follow-up to the classic based on the second version of its original base figure. The set is a cornucopia of colors, and it’s certain that more will follow. It’s like the rainbow of ’84 Storm Shadows all over again.

Ghost Mortal features an element that for me pushes it into the wonderful—glow in the dark plastic. Not only the accessories like the uzi, sword, and backpack but the wolf as well. Weird? Crazy? Yes, but now we can finally match a radioactive Timber with his irradiated partner from the original Sunbow mini-series.

The only downside to the figure is a molding issue with the backpack. Due to some extra plastic along the sword holder brackets, the sword can only be inserted sideways rather than flat as with the classic Snake Eyes Version. A small quibble, but it’s there.


  • I wonder if he made any without the Cobra sigil. An arctic Snake-Eyes!

    While I have hard time disconnecting the invaders, mortals and these guys from Snake-Eyes, Black Major is gonna get some mileage out of this mold. Maybe Lobisomem will finally seem like a legit character.

    If I were him, I’d go crazy and come up with Listen’n Fun Snake-Eyes, Special Mission Brazil Snake-Eyes…Tiger Force, Marauders, Python Patrol (he’ll probably do that one!) etc…

    If only we could get a swivel arm Cobra De Aco. This seems to be impossible.

  • man this mold in lighter colors really does bring the fact the 85 snake eyes is a massively underwhelming figure right to the forefront

    • QFT. Blegh. I like the OG but man it is bland lol.

      also, can anyone explain to me what is black major and where i can buy these factory customs?

  • I am now convinced Black Major is purposefully modifying the heads on some figures. This head and the v1 Storm Shadow head are strangely elongated near the mouth. This is the only thing holding me back from buying way more of them.

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