1966 Comic Ad: Inspection Commendation

Whatever happened to Andy and George? The two friends, and members of the GI Joe club appeared in ads for the toys and club during the early years of Joe. I don’t think they made it into the Adventure Team era.

The GI Joe figures in this ad look preternaturally realistic. They appear more like scaled-down humans than the toys themselves. Their homunculus quality is actually quite creepy. Maybe that’s what happened to Andy and George; their toys came to life and disappeared them.

Quick historical comic book observation: there’s more dialogue in this single-page ad than in an entire modern comic book.



  • 200,000 members!!!!!!

    That, more than anything, shows how times have changed. If there were those kinds of kids buying Joe today, we’d have nothing to worry about.

  • I normally think your reviews are right on! But today I going to have to disagree. I enjoy the Exploits of Andy and George. It’s great copy and has sold me on Joe again and again. I wish I had some originals that I could frame and hang in our Joe room!!

  • Dreadnok: Spirit

    I think every one of these ads that I’ve seen were all in DC Comics. I don’t remember ever seeing them in Marvel.

  • I’m definitely getting a “Small Soldiers” vibe from that lower left frame. The pilot is glaring at me! But the comment “your dad sure is a tough C.O.” has me thinking these two got shipped off to the mythical “military school” in Alaska and never came back.

  • They brought back Andy & George for the Dreams & Visions GI Joes. The comics were on the back of the Crewcut Edition figures.


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